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PlayStation Now for $1


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1 minute ago, iriihutoR84 said:

You always do for these kind of deals. Or at least a verified PayPal account. They want to lure you in and hope you don't cancel immediately.


Ideally it also limits double dipping since people have a limited number of credit cards. But like any system, it really ends up restricting only the rule following people.

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Hmmm... this is something to consider.


1 hour ago, SadisticFiend said:

I’m using the 7 day trial then hopefully this offer is still about 1f60e.png


It says the offer ends on 3/29 and is for non-active subscribers only. Not sure what that means if you’re on trial. Do you have the option to get this deal while using the trial? If not and your trial period ends after the 29th you might be out of luck. Maybe someone can shed more light in this.

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1 hour ago, scemopagliaccioh said:

It's America only, tried on my account and it was 10 euros. Yikes. Oh well, I'll wait for GOW Ascension.

That's unfortunate. ;/

1 hour ago, Thedah said:

Wow perfect timing. I was just about to subscribe to PS Now this week too.

Yeah, I've been eyeing a month for a while now, definitely scooping up this deal.

1 hour ago, yellowwindow7 said:

is this is their We're Sorry For Killing the Ps3, Vita Stores?

the ps now don't even have all the games seen on the ps3 store.


speaking of the shutting downs, did Sony ever comes out and said anything about the stores shutting down for their legacy platforms if it's true or not?

Could be. Still no word on if those rumours were true. The rumours said, if they are getting shut down, they'd announce it at the end of the month.

40 minutes ago, lucky0ne16 said:

i cant even click on it and not letting me do the dollar one and I am not even a member for it, I only had it for a month last year

I'll hop on later tonight and see if it'll let me buy it. Maybe it's currently bugged?

50 minutes ago, sepheroithisgod said:

I'd definitely give the service another try. When I used the PS Now trial, I remember getting booted out of games a few times. Curious if that is still the case since my internet has improved over the years.

That should only be the case for PS3 titles (Since PS2 and PS4 games can be downloaded). I've never tried the service but getting booted sounds frustrating.

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