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Easiest Sonic Game to Platinum?


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Most of the Sonic platformers don’t have a platinum so your only choices are Unleashed, Generations and Forces


Forces is definitely the easiest, but it isn’t a great game to play


Generations is harder, but a better game by a long way


Unleashed has some challenge missions that will really test you, so definitely the hardest of the three

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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.




Yes, I’m aware this is not a mainline Sonic The Hedgehog title but I still believe it’s worth mentioning.


To begin, the hardest part of this game trophy-wise is getting an ‘AAA’ rank on all 64 missions. The majority of these missions are easy but select few may require near perfect attempts due to a time limit, Triple-A rank thresholds, player skill, gameplay physics and/or strategy.


The one and only gold trophy this game offers requires you to grind 500,000 SEGA Miles (“Miles”, huh? Did Sumo Digital intentionally reference Tails’ full name or is this just coincidence?). SEGA Miles is achieved by your distance travelled as displayed at the end of every event and serves as the game’s currency for purchasing new characters, locations and music tracks from the Shop. A single Grand Prix event playthrough can give you somewhere between 8,000-12,000 SEGA Miles depending on how fast you go and the combined distance of the 4 featured races.


There are another 4 online trophies that can be completed rather quickly, however you’ll almost definitely need one or more boosting partners to unlock these trophies because the servers here are very dead. If I remember correctly there was this one time back in 2018 (this was on an old account of mine, FYI) I came across players, assumingly a bunch of kids and/or young teenagers who were all using the in-game microphone chat function but they never went beyond the lobby.


Finally, there's plenty more game mode and/or miscellaneous tasks associated with trophies needed to be done before you can get your hands on the platinum trophy. Fortunately none of these trophies are very difficult at all.


Overall, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing the easiest platinum trophy to achieve from within the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise but all trophies aside, this is my personal favourite among all Sonic racing titles that currently exist and most definitively an anternative to Mario Kart I'd recommend.

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As an old school Sonic fan, I haven't exactly done most of the games in the franchise. I've sort of lost interest with Sonic himself ever since that disaster Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 game was released. In the past I somewhat enjoyed games like Sonic & the Secret Rings, and he didn't do too badly during the Gameboy Advance days. However I can't say I'm too big into Sonic anymore.


I'd say Sonic Unleashed and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed are the most difficult. I've played both before and some of those time limits are quite strict. In Sonic Unleashed you have the hotdog missions, which are difficult on their own, and in Transformed you have to beat the Staff Ghost times. You can revert to version 1.00 and get the Yokozuna trophy unlocked by just beating one ghost on a certain track. If you're going for that trophy legit, you are looking at a serious challenge. Even if you use the exploit you still need to do some tough races.


Sonic Forces looks fairly easy, but I don't have the game and I missed my chance to get it on PlayStation Plus. Sonic Generations and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing aren't all too horrible, but Sonic Generations has terrible loading screens. Half of my time spent playing was watching long loading screens.


In Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, the final mission for 'AAA' rank involving a giant robot is tough. Mission 42 I believe which you play as the Bonanza Bros reaching all the rings is another tough one. I strongly suggest watching some YouTube videos, they helped me tremendously in getting the required rank for the trophy.

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10 minutes ago, MadEdders95 said:

This joke would work if the game had trophies ;P 


With that said, the achievements on the 360 version are annoying to get 1000/1000

Shhh shh don't ruin it.


19 minutes ago, BGriff1986 said:

I am SO happy that ‘06 was released before PSN implemented trophies. No way could I consider trying to 100% complete that dumpster fire

Let's face it the trophies would've been as glitched as the game.


8 minutes ago, RedCrimsonBeaver said:

Sega, please remaster Sonic 2006 with trophies including the platinum and making it easier. I will be appreciated it.

As long as they remove the Rule 34 fanfic from the game while their at it. ?




Seriously though to OP Sonic Forces is probably the easiest one now. With that said as @MadEdders95mentioned Generations will probably be the most fun and easy Sonic Game.

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