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I'm a Star - Next Gen vs Current Gen


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I jump between the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game in MyTeam.

Just because of the differences in gameplay that favours one over the other for certain aspects.


Now I've accumulated the 396 stars or so to date, not counting this season's 99 stars.

But I've noticed that while the new set of PS5 trophies, carried over the stars I accumulated on PS4.

I'm not so sure that winning a Domination game in PS5 will roll back the other way around to count for the PS4.


Theoretically, if it doesn't work the other way around, one could easily screw themselves out of this trophy.


Anyone know or have any insight on this?

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i could check for you since i have done 3 stars for the new one,i have both installed. update, i have earned 3 stars for the ps5 one and went on ps4 and checked, it says i have 3 stars for domination already done for the new season for both versions. does this help

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