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Did Something Dumb, Have I Locked My Self Out of Trophies


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Last night I built my Cyclops however I was dumb enough to not move the Mobile Vehicle Bay from when I built the Neptune Launch Platform...



To compound the mistake I decided to get on board. This left me unable to leave, I would climb out the game would notice there wasn't enough room for me and NOPE me straight back on board.


So then I saved and reloaded hoping the load process would perhaps move one away from the other to spawn me somewhere else. It didn't so I was stuck on board so I used the dev mode goto to put be back in the starting location.   




So the questions are:

Have I stopped myself from getting trophies?

If I reload the save can anyone thing of a way of getting thigs fixed without destroying anything or building both again, that won't effect trophies? 



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I did this once, you can either build another one, somehow destroy your Cyclopes, or enable developer mode and just build another Neptune launch pad, then just turn off developer mode again. Otherwise I’m not sure what else to tell yah.


you can also still build the Neptune Rocket. As long as the panel to build the rocket is fine, and the elevator isn’t blocked when you go up to the top of the rocket, it should still work.

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On 30/3/2021 at 1:30 PM, LutonHatter said:

Well the good news is, it appears, by using the goto it hasn't broken trophies.


And I can still build on the platform so looks like I haven't lost to much progress. 

So were you able to keep getting trophies on the same save file? 

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Developer mode only locks you out of 'build X' trophies if you have no-cost or other cheats enabled. (you can enable/disable them)

You can use teleport or 'give X' commands all you want.


For example you can build the launch pad and all the rocket parts with cheats enables, disable the cheats and only then go up and launch and you will still get the trophy.


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Yeah so, turns out opening dev console locks you out of trophies completely and you have to start a new save file to earn them again. Which is ridiculous, seeing how easy it is to open it accidentally. 

While, like Valkirye22 said, using the dev mode from the pause menu allows you to still earn them after. 

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