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Any list or way to filter Vita games with DLC trophies?


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Luckily there aren't many Vita games with DLCs with trophies, at least from Japanese developers which is the main stuff I play, but with the upcoming closure I was wondering if there's any list or way to filter Vita games to see the ones that have additional trophies tied to DLC besides the base ones. Games that come to mind and which I have are Gravity Rush, Senran Kagura and Muramasa.

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The best list I can find is this: https://psnprofiles.com/games/dlc?platform=psvita


That just lists every Vita DLC with a trophy list. It's not very well organised but there are only 6 pages so it shouldn't take too long to go through.


It also can't distinguish between paid DLC (like Gravity Rush's) and free title updates (like Minecraft's).

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Thanks mc-love-kev that's exactly what I needed. The first thing I did was look at my own list and each title filtering by Vita and PS3, but I needed a full list to take into account games I still need to play or that I didn't even knew but will play eventually. 

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