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Unable to sign in on PS3 and Vita


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In the email I got, it points out the PS3 and PSV stores will be closing in July. So I went to my Vita, which I haven't touched in ages, and attempted to log in. The Vita is fully updated to latest firmware and connected to wifi, but it constantly tells me my log in details are incorrect, when I know they are not. Those exact same log in details work fine on PS5 and Web Browser. The same happens on PS3. Tells me my details are wrong when they aren't. I wanna download Sly 3 on Vita, since I obtained it via cross buy and apparently I'll be locked out from it when the closure happens.

How am I supposed to access the store and get what I need if I can't even log in. Does anyone have any answers or suggestions?

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You are a diamond. Yes I had the 2SV enabled but I had no clue what it was talking about with Device Setup passwords. And the Playstation support page was useless. Your info is the first thing to actually give me an answer. Thank you so much.

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