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[UPDATE] Delisting on August 27


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UPDATE: The Vita store doesn’t close anymore, as Sony backtracked their decision, but you’re now aware that Sly 3 is now only obtainable via the PS Store.

Original post:


Just a heads up! Along with the Vita’s store shutdown the August 27, Sly 3 will be forever gone if you don’t purchase it. This game is only available digitally on the store, since Sly 3 was delivered as voucher codes inside all physical copies of the Vita Sly Collection, not in the game card. All codes in the physical packages have expired, so you’re stuck with Sly 1 & 2 on card only.

If you want to complete your Sly Vita collection, go pick it up now before the Vita store closes.


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16 hours ago, Sinthoras_96 said:

It's also worth noting that if you purchased it crossbuy with PS3, you still need to purchase it for free in the vita store. Otherwise it won't count as bought. Atleast that's what Sony wrote in their email 


That part was so confusing to me. If you downloaded the PS3 version, wouldn't the Vita version automatically be added to your download list if it's cross buy. Like I have PS All Stars Battle Royale and Sly 4 bought and the Jak trilogy off PS+ for PS3 but I also have the Vita versions in my list. Either way I'm not taking the risk. I've downloaded all of them onto my PS3 so I can just transfer them over when I clear up some space on my Vita memory card

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