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Which Ninja Gaiden Game Needs Online Pass?


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Just a little wrap-up:


I couldn't find Ninja Gaiden 3 online pass in the US store, but I found it in the EU store. Razor's Edge pass is available on both stores.


So, in Ninja Gaiden 3 case, if anyone wants to attempt the 100% you have to either:


1. buy a sealed BLUS copy, then the 3 DLCs (Ninja Pack 1, 2 and Ultimate, which totals 28$);




2. a used BLES copy, plus 38€ for the online pass and the 3 DLCs.


Now, that's probably not worth the money IMO. However, it might be worth to get the digital versions of NGRE and NGS2 since you don't need an online pass or DLC to plat those games.


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