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Trophy Setting in for the long haul


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I was watch on YouTube video guide by speed run explain and follow it. It's somehow not get popped trophy "Setting in for the long haul" I struggled tried to setting but no popped trophy. I'm kind little frustrating :/ I don't get it. I don't know what I do? I am doing wrong? Anyone can put on video? Thank you so much. 

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It's a little glitchy but there's an easy fix.


1. Start a new Survivor game.

2. when you get control put out the fire and enable only the bob the builder cheat.

3. fast travel to wreck1 and find 2 metal salvage and 1 quartz (if you run out of air it is ok to spawn in a vehicle that gives you air)

4. swim to the surface and find your pod (it shouldn't be more than 1,000 meters away)

5. use the bottom entrance and there should be a terminal where you can make titanium, make as much as you can

6. use the bottom hatch to exit and build multipurpose room and then an entrance for it.


trophy should pop when you enter, if it doesn't make sure that all of the fast options in the dev menu are set to false. But they should be off by default.

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