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Trophies Not Unlocking


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I was interested in helping my partner play this game on his profile so I recently redownloaded the main game and the dlc and ran into a strange problem.


So following what another guide said, I downloaded the main game first, didn't start it, followed by the dlc. Started the game but it never did an update. I go into the game and eat the first + sign to go down to the first level and there is nothing there. Just my little fish swimming by its lonesome.


When I try to just install the main game without the dlc, I am able to play the levels like normal, but none of the trophies pop. And when I go to check trophies, the game doesnt synch, even if I am checking the trophies while in the game itself. The list never populates the trophy area.


I have tried downloading the game from account management and from the store itself. When I check the information for the game, 'game version' is blank. When I try to update the game, it tells me that the game is already updated as much as I can get it.


I have been trying to get trophies to pop for the past three days. If I could just get a yes or no answer on if this is impossible, it would be much appreciated.

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I'm having the exact same problem. Installed the game, started the game, ate the first creature to go down to the next level . . . and then there's nothing else to do. No creatures to eat, nothing. Can't pause the game at all.


Deleted everything and re-installed just the game. This time it worked, but as you said, no trophies unlocked, and the "Flow" trophy list didn't even show up under my trophy lists. I played through a couple times, unlocking other creatures. Then I re-installed the expansion. I can eat the first food and go down one level where I can choose among the creatures I have unlocked, but there's no food to continue down, and each time I switch to another creature I wind up creating duplicate creatures that all mirror my moves.


Does anyone have any info about how to fix this?

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Ok, so I can finally confirm what the issue is. At some point on the psn store they must have changed download IDs. As of now, the ONLY version of the game that is available for download is the glitched formerly free version. I even tried downloading on an account that never had the free version and formerly worked fine. It also only downloaded the glitched version.


In other words, it's IMPOSSIBLE to download a non-glitched version of the game on PSN, and this will likely never change. Yes, we will still be able to download purchased games after they close the store, but apparently we'll still only ever be able to download the glitched version.


Solution? I bought a physical copy of the Journey collector's edition that includes installers for flOw and Flower. Installed flOw along with the dlc I had already purchased from the psn store and it's working fine, now.


So if you want to be able to earn trophies on the ps3 version, find a physical copy of Journey Collector's Edition. If you want to be able to 100% the game, get a physical copy and then also buy the dlc off the psn store before it closes. For ps3 at least, the collector's edition (both digital and physical) does NOT include the dlc (pretty sure it's included with vita and ps4 versions in the digital bundle tho, as I think the dlc is already integrated into the vita and ps4 base game versions).


I hope this can help other people before it gets to be too late, and at least the other people in this topic.



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A friend recommended I play this game, but in looking through this it seems like there may be issues with that? If you had not purchased anything previously, is it still possible to 100% the ps3 version? Do I need to buy a physical disk? And if so, do I need to grab dlc off of the store while it is still there? 


When buying the physical copy, do we need to find the ps3 version of the collection? I saw that the PS4 digital collection at least comes with access to the games on ps3 but not sure how that would work - thinking it would most likely just have you redeem a code and then download off of the store...

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Ok, sorry I didn't reply to PMs, didn't notice them before now.


1st of all, this problem is/was only for the PS3 version of Flow. Vita and PS4 have no issues.


So recently (if y'all weren't aware last month or so) a bunch of problems had cropped up with PS3 updates on Sony's servers, making a large number of games unplayable or broken.


This affected Flow for PS3 in that that only a broken version of the game was available for download, which made it impossible to properly update. An easy fix for this was to buy the PS3 physical disc version of the Journey Collector's edition, which had on-disc installers for all three TGC games (Flow, Flower, Journey). That version of Flow could then be updated properly with the Flow DLC purchased and downloaded from the PS3 store. I personally did this and know it works. To be clear: the Flow DLC for PS3 and Vita is NOT included in the Journey Collector's edition for PS3 or PS4. You have to buy it separately. PS4 version of Flow appears to have the DLC integrated as part of the base game.


Since the issue with their servers kinda blew up, it appears a lot of the issues (if not all of them) have been addressed. I have heard—but cannot confirm—that the PS3 store downloaded version of Flow will now properly update with the DLC, making everything work fine again, now. So this might all be moot, now.


Good luck!

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Dunno if it's been said already but I think if you've bought the game years ago then you can still do the glitch install method digitally, just use your account download list instead of getting them from the psn store. I bought the game back in 2010 and that seemed to work for me.

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