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Quick PSA for the XP IP Glitch


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A quick PSA for those that might have issues with the XP IP address method:

(I will assume you will all know how to start it)


When connecting to the multiplayer - you only have to see 'searching for games'.

When you see that quickly exit all the menus and get on the Marine campaign asap.

I kept losing connecting before 'players required would pop up, but I can assure you only need the initial 'searching for games' to appear.


If you can't keep connected for long here are 2 things to try:

1.  First have 'Media Server Connection' set to disabled in the network setting menu on your PS3.

2. If you are not quick to see 'searching for games' before disconnecting, close the game and try again, took me 2 attempts to be quick enough.


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Glitch XP AVP PS3


(No importa si tienen su conexión por WiFi o por Cable / Yo lo hice con WiFi


Eliminar el parche del juego desde el menú XMB en “Herramienta de datos de juego” / Game Data Utility”

Ir a “Ajustes / Settings” ---> “Ajustes de red / Network Settings” ---> “Ajustes de conexión a Internet / Internet Connection Settings” ---> aquí dar a “Personalizado / Custom” ---> elegir “WiFi o por Cable” ---> seguir el menú y dar OK con todas las opciones que te dan por default ---> en el menú “Servidor Proxy / Proxy Server” seleccionar “Usar”

Elegir una dirección y puerto de Proxy que diga “anonymous” de esta página: https://free-proxy-list.net/ (debemos dar clic en el recuadro que indica “Free Proxy” lo que desplegará una lista) e ingresarla en los campos correspondientes (yo usé esta:  de Alemania y mi país es México IP: Puerto: 80)

Una vez elegidos los datos del Proxy hay que probar la conexión a Internet. Si la prueba resulta positiva y conecta salimos al menú XMB. (encontrar un Proxy que permita conectar a internet puede demorar unos 10 - 15 min depende de la suerte)

Entramos al juego estando “Offline” y sin iniciar sesión en PSN ---> si los pasos anteriores fueron correctos el juego no pedirá actualizar con el parche ni nos conectará a la PSN. *Si el juego pide actualización o te conecta a PSN al iniciarlo quiere decir que ese Proxy no sirve y hay que buscar otro con la leyenda “anonymous” en esta página https://free-proxy-list.net/

Iremos al menú principal y daremos X en “Multijugador / Multiplayer” ---> el juego iniciará la conexión con PSN ---> en cuanto conecte a PSN (y no nos desconecte o nos pida actualización del juego 1 segundo después de haber cambiado a “Online”) vamos rápido a “Partida Igualada / Ranked Match” --> “Partida rápida / Quick Match” ---> “Comenzar Partida Igualada / Start Ranked Match” ---> esperamos a que nos salga la leyenda de "1 jugador en el juego, esperando x jugador más" → salimos rápidamente al menú principal -> seleccionamos “campaña / campaign” --> “marines” -> “nuevo juego” / “new game” -> “fácil / “easy” *Si nos llega a sacar de la PSN y pedir la actualización del juego después de que pudimos entrar al multiplayer y vimos la leyenda de "1 jugador en el juego, esperando x jugador más" el glitch funciona aún, no se espanten, lo importante es ver esa leyenda y que nos deje entrar al multijugador. 

Jugar la campaña y en el episodio 1. Debemos llegar hasta la sección del elevador y hacer el método de suicidio infinito (IMPORTANTE LLEGAR CON LAS 3 O 4 GRANADAS DEL RIFLE) y en unos 20 / 30 min saldrán los trofeos. Este video es la referencia a partir del min 1:53: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlfhpX46yrk&t=62s

Si les sirvió el paso a paso déjenmelo saber.

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If you have already played this game and installed patch 1.02, then do the following on PS3: Manage game data -> Aliens vs. Predator -> -> Delete.
Start the game. A message will appear that update 1.02 is available. We agree to the installation by pressing . After installing the first patch, the download of the second will begin. Immediately press , i.e. refuse to download. Exit the game.

Now let's move on to our computer. On the Internet we find an anonymous proxy server with port 8080. You can do this on many sites.
We start the PatchBlocker program, but do not click the Start Blocking button. In the program window, enter the IP address of the found proxy server. If you have an antivirus or firewall installed, then you need to add this program to the trusted ones and allow full access to the network.

Let's move on to PS3. We do the following: Settings -> Network settings -> Internet connection settings. It doesn't matter if your connection is wired or wireless. We select the settings manually and by pressing it comes to the Proxy server item, select Use. In the Address field, enter the IP address of the proxy server that we use in PatchBlocker. Port 8080 should already be entered automatically. At the end of the settings, click (save), on the offer to make a connection test, click (refuse).

We return to the computer. In the running PatchBlocker program, press the Start Blocking button.

Back to PS3. Launch Aliens vs. Predator. Trying to login to PSN. It doesn't always work the first time. Do not despair, it may take 15-20 attempts, provided that the proxy is working.

Important !!! If, when entering PSN, the game asks to install Patch 1.02, then this proxy is not anonymous or not completely anonymous. Look for another.

As soon as we entered the network, select Network game -> Rating game -> Quick game. In filtering by type of game, select Interspecies struggle, by the number of players All. Click Start quick game. It will say Search game. We are waiting for the inscription Players in the game: 1. Waiting for players: 7. Press and exit the network game.

Important !!! When you enter PSN in this way, you will have about 30 seconds to find the game, and this is not realistic with the connection that is in the game. You will be thrown out before you find the game. But as practice has shown, it is not necessary to find a game. It is enough to start the search and as soon as you are thrown out, click "Continue" and proceed to the next step.

Select Single Player -> Paratrooper Episodes -> Select Episode -> Select First Episode > Medium Difficulty Level.
We play a game and go to the club. A crowd of strangers will attack there, shoot them, but do not spend grenades and let ourselves be wounded so that there is 1 or 2 divisions of the life scale. Once you kill everyone. Your partner will report that she opened the elevator doors. We go to the elevator and go up. As soon as we got out of the elevator, we shoot a grenade at our feet and die. We load the last checkpoint and appear in front of the elevator, shoot again and so on until troph pops.

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