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Stand alone mulitplayer has been cancelled


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I'm sensing a pattern between Cyberpunk and Watchdogs: Legion of games that over-promise in the development (AMAZING single player and GTA-like and size open world multiplayer) and when the game comes out and the bugs and exaggerations start to show the first thing they do is shutter multiplayer to focus on the single player experience. 

I would be wary of any AAA games coming out in the future that talk of "Multi-player coming out after the fact" because I imagine this is going to happen more often.

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Well, that's very surprising... ?


...I mean, you would think that the perfect solution to a game that can't even cope with the inputs of one person without collapsing in on itself like a soufflé in a cupboard, would definitely be to add in the inputs of another 15 all at once... :hmm:



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