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Crowns are on Sale currently

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The paid currency Crowns is on sale currently with the largest pack of 21,000 being on sale for 40% off in the NA store.


For anyone going for the 100% that prefers to own the content instead of "renting it" through ESO Plus. Crowns are the only way to buy this extra dlc content typically.


Basically if you plan to take longer then 6 months or play the game indefinitely after. Buying the crowns then buying the dlc after when it each goes on sale through the Crown store ends up being cheaper then subscribing just to ESO Plus that entire period to keep access to all this dlc.


While the crafting bag is a major perk to ESO it's not impossible to work without it so if you going for this and looking to save some money in the process over time. Buy the crowns and the dlc separately can save you quite a bit of you plan to play for a longer time. You may even some extra crowns to toss towards a fancy mount or some more bank / inventory space.


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