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Trema trophy bugged on Vita?


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Been playing FFX and FF X-2 on Vita. Almost done with FFX-2, but my Trema trophy didn't unlock. Is there any way to try and trigger it again? My stupid ass have only one backup save, that would set me back ~10h back.

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You're not the only unfortunate one, except that in my case, it happened on the PS4 version. I've read that you can pop it after beating a random cup or killing a certain amount of enemies. Sadly, no of them worked and I thought I was screwed.


Until I read an interesting solution. In case it doesn't pop for the first time, reboot the console and then defeat Trema for a 2nd time. After doing so, the trophy popped. Hopefully this helps. Not sure if it works for the Vita version, but it did work for the PS4 version.

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