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April Fowl PVP Trophies (issue?)


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I missed April Fowl last year as I was concentrating on other games at the time. I had understood from other players that captures and wins in April Fowl counted towards the PVP trophies so this year I eagerly jumped in. They do not appear to be contributing to in-game achievements so I am sceptical they will contribute towards PSN trophies either. Don't know if I was misled, misunderstood or if they changed it this year.

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I can confirm the April Fowl PVP event DID count for the 50 PVP wins trophy as I got the trophy whilst playing it. I am still not 100% sure but it does not seem to count for the PVP captures trophy. I am pretty sure I got more than 1,000 captures (500 are needed for the trophy) and no trophy and the in game achievement counter does not increment. It's odd in terms of the in game achievements as the event does count for several of them but not for several others. Anyway at least I got one trophy out of it but it took over 20 hours to get. I actually enjoyed the event, a bit of silly competitive fun.

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On 01/04/2021 at 6:56 PM, russelguppy said:

Might be linked to how the PVP campaign changed between this year and last year. Captures and kills no longer done in IWD count now either but they did before the changes.


Captures in Icewind Dale never counted, but the wins did.

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