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Is this game still able to destroy your profile?

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I want to do the Remaster of this Game.


But since trophys could just not pop (or even pop out of order?), i‘m afraid to destroy my profile with this game.


Is it save to play now and are the trophy bugs patched by now since this game is out almost 1 year now?

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Just play it, I think you are overreacting, trophies can’t pop out of order and if one gets glitched and dosent pop, make sure to have a save backed up on the cloud or usb so you can replay that section before moving on!


good luck I loved saints row 3

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I think I encountered the issue you're describing -






Gotta Break Em In
Complete 'The Ho Boat'.



This story trophy didn't pop for me as the game bugged with a permanent "Saving Game..." message right after completion. I had to do a full restart of the game, but the autosave had the mission registered completed, so when I re-complete this mission I expect the trophy date will be out of order.


I don't think it breaks your profile at all though, but it is terrible that you have to replay the game again if you didn't keep any manual saves.

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