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Checking in after years trophys?


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There are some trophys afterall related to hearts and stuff, last time i played was like over 6 or so years ago, so if by the time got enough of these, the trophys would pop up when starting game again?


Also I don't seem to find either the MGS and PoC DLCs on the german store, are they not available anymore? Askig because of the store closing in july.


And do i need to worry if there are any trophy hackers? I'm never sure anymore in the combination Multiplayer + PS3.


from what i read tough it doesn't matter right now as servers are down tough?

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Servers are down at the moment, but if you got enough hearts or plays for some pins/ trophies, they’ll pop when you launch the game. No, you don’t have to worry about hackers generally in this game. There are a few levels clearly labeled that will pop some trophies, but this isn’t quite at CoD levels of mod menus. 

There is another thread about the DLC. Check that thread for more specifics on that topic. 

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Guess my progress is gone. don't find a save and in the area where the install data is is only the one the game made after starting, so guess i have to do everything again? Gurss that means i certainly dont get any trophys popping once the servers are back up running, as i technically never made own levels and stuff, until its saved in the servers and once its back it recognizes my actual progress?

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