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What kind of MQ/quartz/stats setup are you running?

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Kurt - Zephyr+Skuld = Delay Breaker 

Juna - Skuld+Sirius = Evade Breaker *while Gunner mode* 

Musse - Virgo+Pandora = Water Crit. Mage 

Ash - Keeper+Gungnir = Phys Crit Bro 1

Rean - Gungnir+Scorpio = Phys Crit Bro 2


I look at their CP skills, stats, and Brave Orders in the Status page.  I determined their role from there.

For example, Kurt has a CP skill (Rain Slash) that has a small AOE, delay+10, rank A's power/break for only a small 30CP.  That is really good.  I stack impede, attack, and break quartz to make him a offensive delay monster.  Enemies in break state + his broken Brave Order = GG.  

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