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What is the easiest column in N++ tab to do Solo Coop? I have tried 00 and 01 columns but the E-row episodes have levels where both players need to be active for these two columns and that has made it too difficult for me to complete this way.. was wondering if there is any other column where this isn't an issue? I have done the legacy solo coop column, it is just the N++ one I need. 

To further elaborate E-00-04 was too difficult for me solo coop and E-01-01 was also too difficult for me solo coop.

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Column 03 seems to be the easiest to do solo. C-03-00 can be completed solo by cleverly aggroing deathballs. And D-03-03 is just a rush level.

If you ever need a reference video, feel free to check the coop N++ tab part of my platinum trophy run (28:04 for rows A through D, and 11:48:39 for row E):


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