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Minimum Score Requirement for A Rank

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The Ace Combat fan wiki has the minimum points needed for A rank listed, taken from the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Master Guide.


Nightmare: 1900

Inferno: 1900

Red Moon: 2100

Spooky: 1700

Blue on Blue: 1900

Power Play: 2000

Lock and Load: 1700

Pipeline: 1700

Siege: 2000

Hostile Fleet: 2000

Launch: 2000

Motherland: 2100

Aftermath: 2000

Home Front: 2000

Hurricane: 1800

Akula: 2000

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I also used these as reference when i did my A ranks recently. Unfortunately or rather fortunately some of them are not correct. 


Nightmare: 1800 (saw multiple posts on other forums with A rank <1900)

Launch: 1900 (I myself only got 1985)


I am not sure about Pipeline, it was the first mission i tried to beat and i struggled a litte. I remember finally getting over 2000 and receiving that A. But maybe i just overshot the mark.

The rest of the missions seem to be accurate tho!

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