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31 minutes ago, Juzota said:

I don't think there are any cheats.


15 minutes ago, Joe Dubz said:

Agreed, I don't know of any cheats that exist for this game. Just use save scum if you are struggling!

so yeah, i guess there aren't cheats in this version....well that answers my question

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  • 5 months later...

For those struggling there is 1 "cheat". It is actually a glitch. There is an item called sprun which is a green ball that hovers you. It can transform into the windgunner when a certain condition is met. The windgunner is an extremely powerfull gun with unlimited ammo. You can only use it for 10 seconds and after that you need to activate the condition again.


There is a chance to get unlimited windgunner (I believe its a glitch). When you have the windgunner drop the Sprun and leave the room. The rescourcefull Rat will steal the item, but windgunner will stay indefinitely. You cannot pick up or switch to other weapons however.


Check the link for a list of triggers for Sprun.


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