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Know Your Enemy


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Somehow I have beaten the game without unlocking Know Your Enemy for hitting enemy weaknesses 300 times.  If it isn't bugged then I assume it's because I usually just use combos to cast magic instead of pulling up the R1 menu.  I've hit weaknesses plenty of times with combos though.


Has anyone heard if this needs to be R1 or if this trophy doesn't trigger for everyone?

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I also took quite some time to get this one, mostly because I couldn't get arsed to check weaknesses and stuff so I built my character with all Crit stuff and the passive that greatly reduces enemy knockdown gauge with crits. I didn't know this was a trophy, I checked the list when I was in the final dungeon, lol.


I would also mostly always use the :square: :square: :square: :triangle: when I wanted a spell. Appearently you can only get it to count once per enemy. It may also be only one per enemy type in each enemy group. It may also be that you need to do the spell from the menu. I wasn't sure so I started hitting enemies with the spell directly from the menu until it finally unlocked.

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I finally unlocked this trophy while farming the dire snake for the bond trophy. 


For what it's worth, I don't think combos contribute to the Hitting Enemy Weakness total.  I also unlocked the trophy very far into the fight I was on so I'm not sure if it just took forever to pop or if it counts multiple R1 spells as multiple hits.

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