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Do I need the Arcade Edition if I have Ultra SSF IV?


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Hey guys, got a question about the different versions of the game and how trophies work with them. I own the Super Street Figher IV game on disk and both The Arcade Edition aswell as Ultra Street Figher IV as a digital version. USSIV seems to be the one that has it all. What I would like to know is if I can safely delete the Arcade Edition from my harddrive and still earn the AE trophies when I play Ultra? Also can I earn the main games trophies with Ultra?

I ask this because thanks to the PS3 Store closing soon I will have to make space on my system storage to download for all the other games I want to purchase. And if the Arcade Edition is not required to 100% the game when I own Ultra then deleting it would be a no brainer. Any feedback on that matter would be helpful.


And I know how hard it is to get 100% so don't think I treat it lightly. I even doubt I can plat leave alone 100% the game. I just ask what is technically possible.^^'

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Sorry for the double post but I've got another that might just aswell be asked here rather than having me launch a new thread.^^


I'm thinking about giving the "defeat Evil Ryu on hardest" trophy a go which is an Arcade DLC trophy. Now me playing the Ultra version I'd like to ask if I have to switch versions in the menu for this to work or not? Since this is a super hard trophy I wouldn't like to waste time and energy on something that I might have messed up in the pre-settings already. That's why I ask in advance.^^

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