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An Idea for "Platinum Club"

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I am not sure if this topic has been made before, recently I was looking at games that I've platinumed and decided to check the 100% club and the platinum club, I've noticed the 100% club has a category called "Fastest Achievers" and the platinum doesn't have one. Is it a good idea to add the same for the platinum club? Maybe it's a faster way to catch cheaters? 

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1 minute ago, OmegaRejectz said:

So... is the feature being considered or not?


No idea. You'd have to ask Sly.


If I were to speculate, I would say that just like any game with DLC isn't considered 100% complete until the DLC trophies are also earned, the 100% counts DLC and not just the platinum in those cases. Adding two 100% clubs (one for with DLC and one for just the Platinum) doesn't seem like it would fit well on the current layout.

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