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Any advice for "We got a nest here"?

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I've been trying to do the trophy "We got a nest here" for destroying the Geonosian eggs before they hatch. I've been trying to stay as far back as possible but whenever I break one the rest of the squad just runs forward and end up hatching some of them before I can do anything about it. How are people handling this trophy, it's such a pain.

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Take it slow. Slowly comb through the area and inch your way forward. You can order your squad to fall back on you so they stay back. This also takes place over 2 rooms. The initial one with the majority of eggs and the very next room with only a few near the objective marker. You can try watching my video if that'll help at all. It really was a pain. Also, there are some eggs around a corner near the first room exit that kept hatching when I wasn't near them. Try getting a grenade over there before getting too close. They'll be on the right side of a wall that leads into a hallway into the second area. There's a grate looking thing on the ground. They kept popping as i crossed that grate

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