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This game is actually fun.

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Now I'll admit I was just going for the Platinum for this game but ended up completing most of the characters outfits after achieving the platinum trophy. Because of this game I now know how to play Solitaire. I was intrigue to see some of these Waifu's outfits and theres one with just soap covering up her tata's and downstairs. It was interesting but definitely pick this up for a good fun 1-2 hour platinum trophy (make sure to set to easy mode). I mean I'm gay and even I enjoyed it. So that's saying something ? 

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4 hours ago, TheSleepyBeauty said:

(make sure to set to easy mode)

There was an easy mode! What I get for not looking at settings. I will say no playing on easy (assuming I wasn't), you could be redoing the same puzzle over 20times. But still a fun game. Since there's a timer it adds a little challenge to complete it faster. But the artwork is certainly nice. 

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What!? There's an easy mode!? I spent hours replaying some of the levels! Oh well, at least I got the plat in the end.


Yeah it's a good game if you enjoy Mahjong Solitaire. It's very addictive, I used to play a ton on my PC, it's one of those pre-installed games on Windows. I bought this game purely for the easy plat and anime girls, but you spend all your time solving the puzzle before the time limit, you rarely pay attention to the girls at all.

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