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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 doesn't have stacking trophy lists. Like Rubeino is saying, you need to sync your PS3 with the server to make your PS3 realize that you've earned the trophies.

I didn't mean completely new trophy list, I mean it installed the list again but had me at 0% and I already synced with the server and nothing happened, now it just says ffxiii2 was the last game I played

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Uh, really dumb question here but, did the store give you a FF13-2 disc in the MVC3 case, and perhaps you didn't look at it before popping it in? If your system was telling you that your MVC3 list was at 0%, it should read 0% on this site as well.

No lol I played ff yesterday but played marvel today. I just don't know why it's being funny

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I synced it, it didn't come up


Well, you can't earn the same trophies twice so they are there.. And and it seems highly unlikely that you have performed the sync...


Do this -> Earn one trophy in the game, synchronize your new trophy to the servers (after this is done, you´ll see all your trophies start popping on the game)  

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Don't panic, It happened to me when I switch my HDD, and with a lot of games too like all GOW games and FFXIII and XIII-2.

What fixed it for me was.

1 - Start the game and let the trophy data iinstall.

2 - Leave the game (right now my trophy list was at 0%, so this is where you are now)

3 - Sync the trophies with the server.

4 - Start the game again(let it load the trophy data) and leave it again

5 - Your trophies should be back.

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