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PS Plus Question


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Hi there! There's something that's been around my head since a got PS + half a year ago, and I still haven't found an answer, I hope you guys can help me :)

I have a 500GB HDD and, since I download every month's Instant Game Collection games, its free space is slowly decreasing. My question is: if I deleted games which I downloaded for free when they where available at the Instant Game Collection (for example, Hitman Absolution), do I have to pay for them when I want to re-download them since they are no longer available at the Instant Game Collection or I can get them for free since I downloaded them while they were free? I don't know if I made myself clear, all I want is to know if I can delete free titles from previous PS + months to re-download them when I want to play them. I hope you can help me, thanks in advance! :) 

PS: I've also been downloading PS Vita games despite not having one. The same question above applies to Vita games when I get a PS Vita (which will happen is two/three months)?

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YES, you can delete and re-download because they're at your download list



Every title you downloaded from PS+ will remain in your download list as long as you're a member so it's safe to delete them off your harddrive


Wow, that was fast! Thanks you so much, time to make space for next titles! :)

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One thing you can do, if you wish to make a back log of the ps+ gams is to activate it in the store but cancel the download, that way your not using your hard drive space and can continue with the other games on your ps3.


I know some people use this method on here.


tbh for the price of a new titled game, i think ps+ is worth it, especially for when people havent got the funds to keep buying game after game, just a pain when you already have the game.


Would be good if you could select any game that has been out for a good while that you havent played before.

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