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Sweet perfection 100% story HELP


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Hi. I completed the story missing den of woes and giving the sphere to the youth league at first. I ended the story at 95%
I then finished the story giving new yevon the sphere which put me at 99%. 
my youth league version I followed Brady games official guide which is missing some crucial hints to 100% the game.

my new yevon run I skipped anything I already completed in y first run. My first run like I said I did everything except the den of woes. I can’t imagine why I ended up with 95%.


my question is given that I’m at 99%, are there any small things I may have missed as far as completion points go besides the den of woe? I’m not looking for 110%. I’m literally at 99% now. Are there any small things I may have overlooked? For example I just read online that in the beginning of the game when Paine and Rikku are chasing the goons that if u run over to dock 2 and let the moogle mascot heal u, that counts for a small percentage. Are there any other small percentage scenarios such as that anyone can recommend? I honestly do not wana play this story again. Not the whole thing. I just wana get whichever .1% - maybe .9% I’m missing and move on to the last mission. 

I did rush through my new yevon play through but I can’t fathom what exactly I could’ve missed on that run. I went to bevelle and mushroom rock each chapter.


lastly I didn’t rest in the cabin each chapter either but again I really don’t want to play this whole story all over again. Any ideas? I really appreciate it. Any small percentages u may have overlooked could be the same for me. Thanks 

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Man i feel your pain. I’m in chapter 4 of my second play through with 96%. There seems to be a lot of little % with the com spheres in chapter 4. I also did hear that saying in your cabin every chapter gives you like .1 or so. Best of luck.

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