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Download and install the arrival DLC


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You should just be able to search for "mass effect" on the PS3's store and then scroll down to see all the mass effect games and their DLCs. Click to download anything that is listed as free to claim it to add it to your download list, there is no "add to cart" option for free items. You can start it downloading then cancel it. I believe The Arrival DLC is called "Mass Effect 2 Arrival" in the store so if you've been searching for "The Arrival" that would be why it wouldn't pull up. Do note, buying the trilogy bundle also got you almost none of the Mass Effect 3 DLC.


So at this stage of the game you would probably just be ahead to cut your sunk cost losses and buy the upcoming legendary collection for PS4/5 instead (eventually), as just buying the story DLC for ME2 and ME3 is going to set you back $57. The Legendary collection includes all that + the weapon and appearance packs. It releases about a month before the store is taken down, so if it comes out and runs like crap, you can always decide to buy all the DLC then.

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