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Tracking progress for Bam, Bam, Win!


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I started this game back when it came out on my base model and picked it up again recently to finish off the trophies on my PS4 Pro.


Does anyone know if it's possible to track progress on Bam, Bam, Win! (win 300 matches)?  When I look at my fighter profile and choose "Ranked Matches (Cumulative)" it says:


Straight Wins 171

Wins 129

Losses 235


Is that not 171+129 = 300?  Trophy hasn't popped.


Edit: nm it popped at 301... ?!

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Something similar happened to me yesterday, but it was for the 'play 300 network matches'. I got to 300 according to my fighter profile, but the trophy didn't pop. It then popped up after 302 matches. I originally thought it was because two of my matches were in the battle lounge, but after reading this, I realised that the tally I was looking at was for 'Ranked Matches (Cumulative)', so I don't know what was going on there.

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