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RDR2 Online - Gold Bars for Horse Stables

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I have read in the trophy guide that purchasing the camp upgrades with gold bars can negate the trophy "home comforts" from unlocking on that online character/ account.


The 4 stables cost a significant amount of money at $1500, but can be purchased with gold bars. 


My question is does anyone know if purchasing the stables with gold bars will also negate the "horses for Courses" Trophy. 


Has anyone here purchased all 4 stables with gold bars and still had the "horses for courses" trophy popped?



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You should get $1500 regardless on your path to level 50, but to answer your question no. You can purchase them with gold bars because the trophy is not for having 5 stables but for stabling 5 horses. Horses can be bought with gold bars but they are $50 regardless.


TL;DR: Yes. You can buy both the stables and horses with gold bars.

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