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*Thought I also post it here, so more people can see this*


This trophy is extremly buggy. But I might have an idea to make this bearable for new ones. I tried for like more than 5 hours to get this trophy. 

I had a 3x3 raft on the water ( a bit far from my island) i had to swim there.


On the raft I had

2 boars

2 pigs

2 crabs

2 snakes


After I had all the animals on the raft i made sure to swim back to my island to save and sleep. After waking up i made my way to the raft and got the trophy before even steping onto the raft. So no storm nor sailing. 


So here's my tip for all the beginners. When starting the game just make sure to build an extra raft and put it somewhere on the water with an anchor and of course a bit far away from your island. Put all those listed animals on it and just let it stay there while you do all the other things. Maybe you're lucky and get it immediatly when it storms and you just have to sail a bit. Otherwise just try to swim to it once a day after sleeping. I hope this might help you guys. <3 



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