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Simple, but helpful glitch

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I'm doing another playthrough of the game for missable trophies, and I discovered a glitch by accident, which allow you to equip the same shield for all fighters.


It's very simple - while in shop in "Equip Your Item" menu, examine (square button) any shield that is equipped on a character, move cursor to another character and equip it (square button again). The shield disappears from the character equipment list, but it's used by a model and stats changes, so it alter the stats without doubt. Using this simple glitch, you can equip all characters with a best shield for a price of one and spend more gold on weapon stuff. It sometimes doesn't work, so you may need to equip mash square button in inventory and this glitch can be allowed again.


It's so easy to execute, this glitch it's probably known, but I haven't seen any videos/tips about it, so I'm posting it here for those who would like to start/return to the game and have a little advantage.


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