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100% in 2021


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Hey there all.


I've got a question, because I stopped playing after getting a platinum, when the game was free in PS Plus.

I haven't played any dlc so far and I want to 100% this game. Is it still possible and if so, how hard is it? 

Do I need some extra players for some boosting or most of them are able to do solo with randoms? 


Thx in advance for helping.

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Some trophies you can get more easily with help, but the vast majority are simple and low effort trophies, I 100% 'd this game in january. There is a guy on the forum who is always helping everyone, you can find him in the trading topic,he helped me with the item trophies and also with the club trophies.

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Still never played the game myself. The later DLC has a bunch of multiplayer stuff that you may need to boost for if you want 100 percent. Generally I hear the game is pretty easy. I might try it out in the near future after I clear out some of my backlog.

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Not too taxing mate - some trophies are a little fiddly or a bit luck based - but a few nights of online should get you most of the way there.


It's not really a game worth the hassle of trying to boost - there is a very healthy and diverse user base still, and plenty of people who are not total rockstars at it and just play for the fun - you will be more than capable of getting the trophies without boosting. 


Enjoy :)

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Ok guys, I booted up RL today on my ps5. Last time I played it was around 2015, when it was for free in plus. I made platinum and had a pretty high level at that time. 


So, today I'm starting my game and I've got 1 lvl. I see my stats are up there, but level is not. I linked my account with Epic and downloaded old save data from PSN cloud, but it didn't help. Is that normal? I created ticket on RL support page, will see what they will tell me. 


Anyway, will I need level for anything at all? Any dlc trophies will require it?

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