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1.2 Autojock Trophy - ARCH Nazaré Won’t Spawn


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Last vehicle I needed to buy for the trophy, and it’s goddamn invisible! I get the marker directing me to the car park outside of the shrine in Westbrook, but no spawn. Have tried reloading, restarting and sleeping in V’s apartment. Anyone else ran into anything like this whilst buying all vehicles? 

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They fixed very "important" bugs like... the money glitch, or added more dataterms, but they couldn't fix bugs that influence your missions like this one, or the "It's Elementary" and "Frequent Flyer" trophies not popping, even tho you did the requirements.


I personally didn't have problems with this mission, I found all the vehicles (on recent patch). After getting the trophy and doing more side quests, I got a vehicle in Watson that popped, but apparently it wasn't needed for the trophy, even tho I had to buy the car.

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Ended up having to load about 30 hours back. Had to grind from SC 40 back to 50 and then grind 1.5 million. Easiest way to get money post 1.2 (have about 20,000 €$ to start):


1. Find a decently valued legendary schematic, I used Ashura valued at 3200 (Value appears to be affected by level, so when I loaded my level 25 save, it was only worth 2300). Spec out your technical ability crafting tree to be able to craft legendaries. 


2. Go to any gun store, I used Aldercado’s camp but any store works. Empty inventory.


3. Buy all epic and rare crafting components, should cost around 7,000. Buy all legendary components for 10,000 too.


4. If Ashura like me, you should be able to craft enough to deplete the shopkeepers money, roughly twice. Once you have a ton of components, dont go overboard your weight limit, as it just slows the process down imo.


5. Skip time 24 hours, and then repeat from step 3. You shouldn’t need to purchase the legendary components every time as it gives you a load, just epic and rare. 


6. You should reach 1.5 million in around 1 hour. You should be making 30,000 profit each time you sell two ‘batches’ and have to make more. Buy components each time, I managed to get into a rhythm of it and ended up with far more components than I started with.

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