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Member Interviews: Stardroid


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Thanks for the interview! @Stardroid


I can definitely tell you put a ton of time in your answers, especially the ones I asked which blew me away. My mind is still blown about the FFX dream... I didn't know what to expect when I asked that question (it's actually a question I love to ask in interviews), but you definitely killed my expectations! Cheers!

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Great interview @Stardroid - and may I commend you on your excellent movie and TV tastes ?


I’ll forgive anything (even trepidation about TLoU2? ?) as long as the person saying it loves The End of the Fucking World, and Under The Skin!


That movie is an utter masterpiece (and I don’t say that purely because it was all filmed around my home ;) )

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Wonderful interview @Stardroid ! I definitely agree that the Chernobyl television series is an amazing work of art. It definitely makes you think about the many sacrifices people made to secure the wreckage. The 90 seconds on the roof scene especially really put you in the shoes of those who were exposed to the radiation, knowing that each second that ticked away would drain their lives. The usage of diegetic sound of the radiation ticking was so nerve-wracking and really hits hard that people in the world have dealt with so many issues and pushed through as best as they can. Seeing the firefighters arrive at the scene unbeknownst to how it severely shortened their lives is truly telling of the dangers people have been subjected to, but dealt with nonetheless. Chernobyl had a purpose and message it wanted to tell, and it's something I cherish.

And in terms of movies, seeing you place Gattaca also made me smile. It's also one of my most beloved films of all time. Seriously, Gattaca is such an amazing film and like Chernobyl, is a work of art. I vividly remember watching it during my English class when I was in high school and it's left an impact on me ever since. Seeing Vincent overcome the odds despite being automatically judged as a waste by society and cast aside for who he is at birth was very inspirational. The scene where Vincent swims against Anton is one of the best scenes in any film I think; as Vincent saves nothing for the swim back. It succinctly describes his sheer passion to give it all he's got with the body he was born with. It's a pure testament to the unrelenting nature and courage of never giving up and having faith in your ability. While Anton conserves his energy in the swim, Vincent doesn't let his genetics get in the way. It's a great reflection to the end of the film as well, with the whole idea of using all your energy to the end; Vincent's heart problems were likely to make him die soon, but he used what life he had left to live his dream of going to the stars.
Even Jerome, who deemed himself a failure for not living up to his "perfect genes" was willing to give Vincent the shot that he threw away, and the scene where he cast himself into the flames was so poetic since the silver medal that he deemed a failure appeared to turn golden.

You've got a fantastic taste in film and television that I support, cheers.

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