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Saving issues


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Am I missing something here? I played the game for a couple hours at the start of this year and my trophies say I should be on chapter 3. I boot the game up today for the first time in a while and I'm back at Chapter 1!? Does this game not save or is it irregular? I distinctly remember roaming the countryside when I first played collecting stuff but now my map has nothing on it and shoehorns me into the man story route. It's not really the sort of game I want to play through again...

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Yes, this happened to ME as well and I had JUST finished beating the campaign and I had earned 28 trophies at the time, too ?!


I had been playing this game over the past 2 weeks only for my game to somehow NOT be saved on either my hard drive or through my PS+...


I don't know HOW this could've happened as I've never had any other game NOT save at all, LOL!


P.S: Due to my frustrations, I'm just going to "hide" this game on my list until the day when I muster up enough willpower to want to replay it all over again (especially after finishing the campaign)...

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I have honestly never come across a game this broken. I'm ok with glitched trophies, buggy games etc because at least that's an oversight but this is a fundamental and universal concept that is used in almost every game nowadays. How can a games autosave be BROKEN?

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