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Hey guys,

I would need some advice on this one.

Technically, I have completed all of these side missions required for the trophy and also got the related trophy for completing every side mission.

However, I didn‘t get the trophy called mother knows best.

I deleted the game, re-installed it and loaded up a mission - no success.

Then, I deleted my save files, started a new campaign and completed every side mission that is relevant for the mother knows best trophy, i.e. the ones that you get from the radio before the mission begins.

I ignored every other side mission - no success.

I am now re-installing the game hoping for the trophy to pop when I enter the main menu for the first time, as this was an advice that I read on another forum.

I am just curious: What am I supposed to do, in case the trophy still doesn‘t want to pop? 
Did anyone face similar issues? Any piece of advice would be highly appreciated!

Thx in advance :) 


Edit: Re-installing the game for the Second time didn‘t help either, still the trophy doesn‘t want to show itself :( 


Edit 2: Deleted the save file again, started a new campaign and did all missions in one go without turning the console off - trophy popped. 


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Anyone know a better solution? The trophy is also glitched for me. 

Edit: Completing a random objective (I did one in M3), ending mission, and then closing and reopening app did it for me!

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