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Making My Profile Look Better (Photoshop)


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This may sound like a stupid question, but please give me a brief introduction to what options I have to customize.


I would appreciate if someone told me most of the things I can get customized.


What is for example a;


o Signature

o Banner


Please add if there is more, and include visual examples like photo-attachments.


- Praeditos

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The signature is the thing that goes under all your posts. For example, my signature is the picture of Bioshock's Big Daddy and Songbird. You can include two pictures in your signature and some text. To change it, go to your profile and click on the edit option and then edit your signature.

I don't know of any banners, but if you want you can change your avatar. Mine is the lighthouse logo from BioShock. To do this go into your profile and lick on the black and white outline of a person (it's just a standard avatar).

Just make sure any pictures you choose for your avatar or signature aren't offensive. Also check out this thread for explanations on posting pictures https://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/8202-new-forum-members-please-read/

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As a sign of my gratitude to all those who have taken time to reply to my posts, I`m currently working on giving all the replies a *LIKE*. but I have a limited amount of likes I can give every day, so I am still working on that. Thanks to all, hope you keep replying my posts in the future, it`s much appreciated!

- Praeditos

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