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Best time to do DLC?


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I would suggest doing the Zaeed DLC as early as possible so you can get him in your party. I would also suggest getting Kasumi in your party as early as possible too. Kasumi's loyalty mission has a really good SMG to be found in it, the M-12 Locust.


The Arrival DLC is meant to be an epilogue to the story and as a set up for ME3, so should be played after finishing the main game's story.

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1 hour ago, ChouShirakawa said:

Before I start my first run, I'd like to know when it would be a good idea to complete the two DLCs.


Zaeed - You can do it as early as you want, but saving it until your paragon/renegade is higher isn't a bad idea. Your paragon/renegade may not be high enough to gain his loyalty if you do it too early and choose a specific path during the mission.


Kasumi - Doesn't matter, but you do get a decent SMG early on by doing it early.


Arrival - It's meant as endgame content, but I normally do it before acquiring the reaper IFF solely because the last main story mission is so epic I save it for last. Conversation between you and another character changes at the end of Arrival depending on if you do it before or after the final mission, too, which is cool.

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