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In theory this is a puzzler game, but the nightmare run becomes more of a timings and precision game than a puzzle one. Around 10 of the 30 levels require extreme timings, and one in particular took me more than 20 tries to get the apple in the required place as you'll only have a split second chance to do it (thankfully you can still trap the sleeping guy). It's not a 2, a 3 or 4 even with a guide because of this.


The speed run will include pause times. It's a bad idea to follow a video guide because of this (I don't like them, that helped to decide😀). This one is quite good:


It has a few minor errors, but nothing much. I do think it's hard to do the speed run in a first playthrough, but you can try. It will take sometime to figure some of the mechanics and the correct way to finish some levels, and it's very easy to make a mess in a few of them.


You have to play the 15 levels in a row for each of the 4 world related trophies. If you don't trophy won't pop (I tried on 2 it didn't), so can't play levels as you wish. I would suggest you do each world in one go, it's less than 1 hour each even with careful play and a few errors.


Also be aware that in my first playthrough, the game froze loading one of the levels and had to abort to main menu. Thankfully on the speed run it didn't happen. It also had a loading hiccup on the nightmare run, but eventually recovered after almost a minute.


It's not a bad game, but it has a few annoying features. Lara Croft Go has better puzzles and is a gazillion miles away from this one.




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