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Some loose trophy information


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As of the date of this posting, there is no platinum guide on PS4. However, there is an excellent walkthrough on Neoseeker, which also details how to get all the achievements in chronological order (as well as as a collectible guide with pictures).


If you want to play the game as blindly as possible (which I recommend), here is what you need to keep in mind:


There is one game-spanning trophy (Boundary Confrontation) which requires you to hit 4 invisible barriers (they will comment on each when you reach them). The first 3 are in the first 3 areas of the game and the 4th is at the end.


1: In the beginning section (Peru), when you reach the end of the level, try to walk off the ledge as Dan.
2: In the second stage (London), once Dan unlocks the ability to carry Ben, continue slightly to the right until you hear an explosion behind you, then try to backtrack.
3: At the beginning of the third level, Ben and Dan will get separated. Switch to Dan (the platforming guy) and you'll need to make a huge leap back up the wall to the left. Use the dash ability (hold L2) and time the double-jump down the incline accordingly. It'll likely take you a few attempts, but it's a skill you'll need to hone for the rest of the game.
4: Near the end of the game, it mirrors the very first one.


There is also a collectible trophy (Autodidactism) to read all Luxomails. These are found in the hub section (the titular "Lair") which you'll return to as you progress through the story. You'll need to wait until you unlock the Teleport ability before going for these because they are only accessible using Dan's platforming skills, but Ben is the only one who can "use" and collect them. (You can track them in the top left of the screen underneath Dan's points score.) You'll return to this section after every other level in order to unlock new areas, so don't worry about being locked out of any of them; you can always backtrack later.


Luckily, there is a chapter select, so the rest of the trophies are not missable during a single playthrough. Keep in mind there is only one autosave, so reloading an earlier chapter will overwrite your current progress. I recommend playing through the game completely before doing any clean up.


You may have noticed that each of the trophy icons resembles a piece of a map, which leads to a larger puzzle. You can see these assembled on the in-game Trophies screen. Once you've filled out the rest of the map, there is one trophy left (Chronophobia) which can only be gotten after collecting all the Luxomails and reloading chapter 19 (make sure you collect most of them prior to chapter 19, otherwise your progress won't be saved). More details here.


The hardest trophies are Healthy Competition (which requires you to outrun a train in the background while playing as Dan) and Acute Stress Response (beat the "Anger" level without dying). For Healthy Competition, there is a beneficial glitch to get this trophy easy. When you reach one of the checkpoints before the train, exit to the main menu. When you continue again, the train will disappear and you'll be able to unlock the trophy at the end of the level (this took me several attempts because it wouldn't save at the checkpoints, but it did eventually work). Credit here


All in all, I recommend this game to those who enjoy retro '90s comedy point-and-click adventures, but with a platforming twist. The game is very satirical and self-referential, often breaking the fourth wall or trolling the player. It also opens with one of the best gags I've seen in a game; I won't spoil it, but there is an achievement attached to it on PC/XB1 that isn't present on PS4 (so you can ignore Technochronos Syndrome in the Neoseeker guide above). You might also want to play Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! (bundled for $5 on Steam and GOG) first to familiarize yourself with the characters/game developers. In addition, Lair of the Clockwork God contains a short visual novel prequel called "Devil's Kiss" which is required for a simple trophy and the solution to a puzzle (the game will hint to you exactly when to play). I would probably rate the difficulty a 3-4 and the time to platinum the game is about 6-8 hours with a guide.

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Thank you for this mini guide! Very helpful.


I saw this game on sale but had no idea it was a sequel to Ben There, Dan That, and Time Gentlemen, Please!, but luckily I have a tendency to look at Steam reviews for anything interesting that goes on sale. I never expected a sequel to those two, since I played them as a kid. They're fairly antiquated at this point but they're worthy point and click games, and this game is a very worthy sequel so far.

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