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1 hour ago, Wuthg21 said:

Why has this game so few people who played it? The price isn't that bad for a 10/15 hour plat


It's what should be a free (or 99c) mobile game that was reformatted to be a PS4 game. It's easy yes but its EXTREMELY boring, repetative, and just feels wrong playing it for the price. The concept wears off after about an hour of playing.


As well, if you don't have a turbo controller the 10/15 hours is on the super low end. Game is probably 20-25 hours without, most of that is idle (active idle, so you need to have the game up and be hitting a car).


Lastly, in a sea of ezpzs people avoided this one likely just for the price tag alone. You can buy almost 10+ platinums for the price of this game.


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