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Collector Trophy Bugged


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  • 3 months later...

Thanks, I can confirm it works.

I didn’t delete the game and downloaded it again. Just erase save data of this game was enough.


I also set up Ps4 language system to Spanish(Spain), and never pressed the PlayStation home button to check trophies. Don’t know if it helps.


Anyway before to do that half of trophies were not unlocking at all, not only the collector trophy.


Also found a Spanish video walkthrough, not really necessary for such an easy game, but I see the average completion is under 50% so who knows...


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  • 1 year later...
  • 1 year later...

...Déja vu not unlocking. Guess I have to try in Spanish? 😕


EDIT: Not worked. It is a short game, but it is not that good to play it 5 times... last try with deleted save + Spanish.

EDIT2: Finally, worked. So I confirm: you need to delete your save files AND change the system language into Spanish, if you encounter an unpopping trophy. You don't have to reinstall the game. Gahh.

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