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Question about a Trophy


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Yeah this trophy is bullshit, I remember struggling too. What I did was go into the options and make the game as small as possible (where you can adjust scale)

Then way, when you throw a burger it can more easily get to the table since the table is less distance away.


You also need to throw a completed order, it can't just be any old burger, it has to be the correct order and on a plate. I recommend playing on stage 1 where all the orders are just simple burgers. Hope a customer sits at one of the tables nearest to you and then throw away.


What I did was start stage 1, prepare a ton of finished orders, and then when a customer came in and wanted the regular burger, I had at least 4 or 5 burgers on plates ready to throw incase I missed the first couple of throws.


Since you reduced the scale the kitchen will be quite small so you might sit to crouch or sit on the floor to make those burgers lol.


Good luck!

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