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Outriders - Very Dark Picture


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Hello everyone, I've been playing this game for the last couple of weeks and I absolutely love it. Since today, the dark areas are extreme dark and I didn't change a thing in the settings from my PS5 or TV. I turned HDR off on my PS5 and on again but the issue remains. I also pumped up the brightness in the settings of the game itself to 35 but the dark areas keep very dark. Anyone have a solution? I have a 65 inch QLED (Version 2020) and TV is in perfect condition and not a problem with it all. Thank you!

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On 23-7-2021 at 7:08 PM, Quink666 said:

This is a bit late but if dark areas are to dark adjust contrast and not brightness. 


Better late than never, just kidding ?. Thanks for your reply, but I managed to fix it that time but I will keep your comment in mind, is good to know!

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