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Saitama glitch?(spolier) monster battle style

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So im having an issue with my game, when i look at YouTube videos of the same fight, i notice that they get the cutscene when his health is around the middle of the arrow(not sure what the arrow means). I have taken it down passed that and i cant get the cutscence to end the fight. so its as if its not registering that i have dwindled his health down.... then i run out of time and lose. I have two ideas to try.

1. try it again but make sure the internet is connected.

2. delete the game and reinstall. I am playing on the PS5 but i'm sure that has nothing to do with my issue.


I also did the fights that are apparently required to get the Monster fighting style, and yet it hasn't unlocked for me. I do not know how to post pictures.


I am sure by the time someone replies to this with a possible solution, i will have the platinum, that's what happens with my YouTube comments.

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i forgot something.
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