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About Whips, and interrupts...

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Hello Chaps, Chapesses and Chapx's,


I've been playing CotDG for a little bit now, and have to say, I'm really enjoying it, but I have a question that I can't seem to find any info on online -


When using a whip (one of my go-to weapons) against bosses specifically, I've noticed that sometimes the first, charged attack seems to stagger and/or interrupt their movement or attack, but sometimes doesn't, and I can't seem to quite work out what dictates whether it does or not?


I have some ideas for what it might be:


  • something to do with which part of the whip hits them, i.e. distance - hitting with the perfect tip of the whip staggers?
  • something to do with their position? Hitting from the side or the back seems to be more regularly staggering, but not 100% consistently?
  • something to do with my stamina level vs theirs?
  • something about the specific animation they have queued up?
  • Or is it purely an RNG dice roll?



Any info would be handy - I'm finding whip are a great weapon due to their ability to interrupt regular enemies, but they do seem to be difficult to use consistently with bosses due to this seeming randomness,  and given that they ground you for a moment when you whip them, and delay your dodge, it makes their use dangerous unless you can be sure you are going to interrupt a coming attack.


The quality and craftsmanship of the rest of the game makes me think it's not random, but rather something I'm personally missing!


Any help appreciated!

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