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Is there a decent way to "encourage" the inclusion of non-founder species in elections?  Here's my current scenario, the one that's aggravating me while I try to knock out Omnicultural before I start a fresh game:


I'm 260+ years into my current game.  My empire's Xenophile nature has attracted alien species far and wide, aided by a great many disparate things.  I've got something like 11 species now living within my territory, including three who have more population than my founders (who were Gaia seeded as their background).  Not counting my elected Head of State (oligarchy / Shadow Council), I've got 14 leaders (8 governors, 3 admirals, 3 scientists) and 3 Envoys, with only 4 of the 17 being part of my founding species.


And yet I've never seen a non-founder in my elections.  Even though some of my non-founder leaders are very high level from their long and loyal service.  And even if I dismiss all my founder leaders save for the woman in charge, non-founders aren't showing up in the election -- I can call an Emergency Election and the only candidate would be the woman in charge in that case.


So what in the bloody heck am I doing wrong here?  I'm convinced it isn't related to species rights, because every species I've integrated into my empire has Full Citizenship and can generate leaders.  Plus I've gone a little out of my way to hire non-founder species when replacing somebody who kicked the bucket.

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Seems to me you should change your governing system: I wouldn't really expect an oligarchy to be open to having newcomers rule their space empire. :)


You apparently gave full citizenship and rights to all non native species, so just go to "Reform Government" and switch to "Democracy", it should help.

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That's not going to be possible on that save file with that species:  Authoritarians cannot use Democracy.  But that's probably where I've gone wrong on that particular trophy, so thanks for the tip.


That entire round of Stellaris was one screw-up after another with trophies.  I got started too late with uplifting primitive species and had my science machine running too quickly and efficiently for "Battle Thralls" -- the half-dozen Protectorates couldn't come close to catching up on technology.  I made the wrong event decision with the dead Stellarite Devourer and thus botched "Stellar Performance".  It took me too long to get a Federation off the ground, so there went "We're Number One".  Not to mention that none of the endgame crises actually happened, with only one Fallen Empire awakening (and promptly conquering every regular empire but my own) and none of the others materializing.


Maybe my next round of Stellaris will go better.  It should:  I've already found the Dimensional Horror and I have it sealed away in my territory where the other empires can't get to it without conquering their way through me first.

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Wow, I learn something new every game.  I've always ignored Factions, other than being happy they fed me extra Influence during a game.


Alas, the answer here is no.  I've got five factions active.  Three of them will push me further into the ethics of my species (Pacifist, Authoritarian, Spiritualist).  The other two can push me either direction on the Xenophile/Xenophage axis.


Oh well.  Guess it's still going to wait for a future campaign.

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